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Obviously, before the 1990s, the ERP business management systems (Enterprise application) are leading the technology trend, whereas consumer applications is evolved therefrom.

In the 21st century, there is a consumer application startling development. The moment, the service Google, Amazon, Facebook and other IT companies, has become an indispensable part of people's lives. Their convenience and speed to bring people surprise and joy, is goes without saying.

However, its not been realized in Enterprise IT. It's still remains the same where it all has started.

"Entering the huge data" "retrieved from mass information", "production of information", the complex operation as always, there is no change. From the past to the present, the enterprise management system is still obscure, difficult to use, and the employees are also still in the complex routine business wasting a lot of time and effort.

In other words, due to the inconvenient and inefficient, employees use enterprise management system trapped in a large number of routine business, can not really play their own ability.

"So far the ERP, integration of resources really contribute. However, it did not benefit the people of hard work for the enterprise."

Therefore, we are determined to break the previous ERP concept, creating a new business management system.

We want employees are freed from tedious routine business out, so that they can focus more on their own business, and to engage in creative work.


1. Making Enterprise IT Simple

2. Ensuring High Usability of an Enterprise Applications

3. Developing a product which is always at par with the technology and providing a solution that works


KITES's' mission is to empower the enterprises by developing the world class products and services utilizing best open source technologies.

KITES strives to develop a product and solution which address the difficulties that international businesses currently face.

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