KITES is equipped with Data Intelligence.

KITES can understand the situation just like a person does. KITES has human-like flexibilty embedded into the system that enables it to understand situation and provide us an exact information or data to perfrom speedy transaction and take better decisions.

The more and better you use it, the more it learns the trends and patterns of your thinkings and actions, allowing KITES to grow into a more reliable personalized system.

Enterprise applications have no convenience like consumer applications, speed is exceeding slow, they are difficult to use, and people continue to be overhelmed by routine work.

In other words, people are unable to exhibit their abilities to the fullest due to the massive amounts of routine work done on difficult-to-use systems.


KITES will revolutionize the way you work and true meaning of Mobility achieved.

You can of course take advantage of the more obvious uses, such as reopening unfinished work on the road, inputting information at the customer's site, or applying for travel expense reimbursement while in transit; but you can further increase work efficiency by taking full advantage of the inherent functions that are unique to smart devices such as smart phones, cameras and GPS’s.


KITES reduce your input work virtually zero.

Until now, all other ERP systems focused on getting the output from the system thus much work has centered on the input of information. It leading users to spend atleast 40% of their time devoted to enterting the input.

KITES reduces your input load, with a suggestion function that automatically displays the relevant information and next step of action by referring to past input history as well as an autocomplete function that predicts input content to complete the input you're typing.


Output from KITES requires no effort. All results are optimized.

No longer will you be swamped with work, trying to figure out which analysis axis to use or how to express data, or spending a lot of time to format them.

Every tool you need for the output you want, such as forms, data analysis and reports to top management are included in the system.

If you are an owner or manager, you can use the functions to instantaneously visualize the numerical values stored in the system to easily display the current state of your company or departments through analysis charts from various viewpoints. What is the work history of a high-performing employee? What products are contributing to department sales, and what are the sales channels for them? Based on such analysis results, you can quickly make decisions on the next steps to take.


To make enterprise application highly usable, two things will be the major contributors, one is simple and clutter free interface, other one is speed, not just speed but the high speed technology.

In order to realize the true meaning of high usability of an enterprise IT, the desired numbers, information, and answers must appear right then, right there.

"An Instant" result is what make the difference in the real world scenario. This is what as a company we are trying to achieve it. Regardless of how advance and useful the features are, If it takes time for the results to appear, we can't call that an "instant result".

But KITES was created to come across this barrier and providing instant result. The greatness of KITES is that it achieves high speed by destroying the usual preconceptions regarding ERP systems, before overcoming various technical difficulties.


The enterprise application's sole objective is to increase a company's performance to serve customers in a better way. When we are doing everything our best to serve our customers better, then why not that customer can't be part of our ERP system?

KITES has an answer for this. Now with an exclusive client portal which specifically designed to delight the customers in terms of it simple and rich user interface design and many useful tools to manage their orders.

Now you can assign dedicated relationship manager to every customer, you can update the order status, shipping details, live tracking of the goods in transist and options are endless. The real beauty above all is that you can do it all without even touching your keyboard, this is what we are calling convenient.


Until now, it been a dark side once you outsource your work and after given a PO to the supplier.

KITES helps you get a crystal clear status of these jobs even it is being done outside of your factory. KITES vendor portal was thoughtfully designed in such a way that you are always in control in all aspects of Order Management Cycle.

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