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It is important to have all the necessary information at one place as you communicate with customer. Build end to end profiles for each current and potential client for robust picture of each client. Capture prime information for your sales team to develop a sales pitch which outlines how a product/service can meet the client's needs.


Prioritize and automate activities like follow-up calls, meetings, emails, tasks, reminder notifications through pop-up and via email and other. With effective follow-ups, build a relationship that could lead to additional sales from the same consumer and referrals to more potential clients.


Geo Tagged Attendance

Now field staff can login their attendance through their mobile app and the system will automatically capture their time and location of the employee.

A Real-time location sharing

Find out instantly who's on the clock, how long they've been at work, and where you can find them. See every employee's location on a map at any point of the workday.

Monitor Real-time movement in Map

Monitor your employees’ real-time field movements using TeamTrack web-panel. TeamTrack shows day movement on map and calculates the distance traveled by the field employee.


GPS Time Tracking Benefits for Managers

GPS tracking can add a great deal of value to any organization, with benefits for employers and managers such as:

  • The real world. Locating employees in real-time.
  • Who's where? Visibility of employee during the day.
  • Mobile accountability. Plain and simple.
  • User Day wise Map
  • Easy tracking of leads and Appointment Management
  • Geo Tagged Attendance for Employee

    Using a built in time tracker with GPS can be simple to use and help employees stay safe and efficent wherever work takes them.

  • Work better. More efficent routing and work allocation.
  • Efficent Lead and Appointment Management
  • Geo Tagged Attendance.
  • Light out. GPS turns off when the employees clocks out.

    Touch & go. The freedom of MOBILE time TRACKING

    Where in the world is your employee with the TeamTrack for Android app? Anywhere their work needs to take them. Employees clock in, clock out, take breaks, meet theri appointments, enter lead details and add notes on the go, online or offline. With one touch functionality, the app will automatically records the GPS location.


    Build trust in the workplace with complete transparency.

    Gone are the days of wondering what your team is doing at any given moment. You'll be going home every night knowing exactly where they've been working and how long they were at it. This new level of transparency is good for employees too. Everyone can find out who's on the clock at anypoint of the day, and managers will always be able to find their teams whenever they need them.

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