Crack every sales opportunity with TeamTrack Sales Automation


Your team can enter job specific data on their smartphones, minimize unnecessary phone calls and paperwork and navigate the fastest route to get the job done.


Real-time mobile GPS tracking with automated scheduling means you can optimize your team and assign jobs according to their location


Keep everyone on the same page with instant data insights and notifications. Make proactive decisions to keep both your clients and your team happy.

Get A Complete Overview Of Your Teams

Sales force monitoring starts from the very first screen once you login – the TeamTrack Dashboard provides you with a convenient overview of your field force along with their present location and availability status.

The dashboard also includes quick filters to let you see who’s on-field, off-field, in meetings…

Keep An Eye On Your Team – Through the Day.

The Who’s Working Where? Tab in TeamTrack lets you drill down to the present location of every single member of your field force along with pertinent information on their day’s schedule and accomplishments.

TeamTrack gives you all the information you require to monitor the productivity of your sales force throughout the day. You can view the visits/meetings they’ve scheduled for the day, activities recorded by them during the course of their field movement, and expense claims along with convenient linkage to the linked field activities.

View the Routes Covered by your Field Force during the Day

Obtain real-time locations of each of your employees and get a bird’s eye view of their field movements. Verify their route maps with the planned routes and ensure that they are meeting with their customers. Ensure that every meeting gets attended and all potential opportunities are fulfilled!

Find customers near you

On-field sales executives can view existing customers’ location within a 3-kilometre radius. You can view customer-specific details like frequency of visits, date of visits, transactional history etc. This allows sales representatives to plan their upcoming visits.

Automation of Daily Reports

There are different things to be reported. Total orders won, reports on the progress of follow-ups, rescheduled meetings, unavailability of the clients, quotes placed for special requests and other such updates. In short, Field Staff need educate their managers about the progress with every single client in Daily Sales Report.

Now just come to think of a situation where this important task of the day gets automated. It saves a lot of time which can be directed towards other productive tasks and enables your team to be more productive.

Calculating Productive Hours of The Day

Above all, with the help of TeamTrack you can calculate the time spent on the productive activities. The team members just need to switch on the calculator before the task begins and close it once finished. You know the efficiency of your team members and can plan incentives and rewards for them which motivate them to perform better.

Get To Know The Exact Distance Traveled

Which route do your team members take to reach the clients? Incurring on the fuel for the distance never traveled is one of the common pain areas. Here too, our app can prove to be of great help because you get to know the actual distance traveled by your team members in real-time.


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