Why us


We understand that every organization has a
unique way of doing business.

Every company has a different way of doing business. The industry norm has been for clients to adapt to existing ERP business software. We aim to put an end to that trend by focusing on our clients instead

Systematizing a business is difficult. Existing ERP providers never able to provide you a complete customized solution yet without losing the core product capabilities. No other software can provide you a perfect solution in a unified fashion like we do.

In order to serve our customer better, KITES was built as a platform, a highly customizable framework which is incorporated latest technologies in an entirely different way from other ERP systems.

We Engineered KITES specifically so that it could incorporate every functional need of our clients from all industries. This engineering method makes KITES extremely adaptive to the needs of our client's businesses. No other software has achieved this level of Flexibility.

We made sure that our cost model is just as flexible as our software. There is no extra charge for ADD-ONS or changes. Our clients no longer have to worry about the additional costs traditionally associated with ERP software.

A Real Time Window on Your WorkForce